Bay of Plenty

2020-01-05 [ photo credit emilycouldmakethat ]

Bay of Plenty


Things to do and see in and around the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand.

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  • Pakowhai Ki Otutaopuku Bridge / Dunes Trail:
    • This is a suspension footbridge and walking trail. I met a man and a child who were jumping off the bridge, swimming to shore, and jumping again, and I decided to join them. The water was very deep, but you should always be cautious when doing something potentially dangerous.
  • Waiōtahi Beach:


Whakaari (White Island)

We had the privilege to take a 2+ hour boat ride to this volcano and explore it a bit, but as it recently erupted and tragically claimed and ruined lives, you will probably be unable to go there. If you for some reason make your way to the island, be aware that you might die and might put others in harm’s way.


Between Taupō & Rotorua