Hawkes Bay

2020-01-04 [ photo credit emilycouldmakethat ]

Hawkes Bay


Things to do and see in and around Hawkes Bay in New Zealand.

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While we’ve been to Napier a couple of times, we never stayed and just wandered the streets and enjoyed having a picnic at the Beach Domain.

Havelock North


Te Mata Peak

Hands down one of my favourite walking areas. Drive to the parking area where there are some toilets, picnic tables and maps, then look at the maps to determine which route you want to take. I highly recommend ones that go through the redwood tree forest and also go up to the top of Te Mata Peak. We came back here again and again to walk. You should also read about the Māori legendary history of this area. https://goo.gl/maps/YpjM5iN8sYSzUCeV9

Sunrise at Ocean Beach and More

Sunrise at Ocean Beach is spectacular, and it must be experienced. If you want to check out Waimarama, then on your way back, take Waimarama Road to Waimarama and for a little walk in that sleepy beach town. If not, the next road on your left will be Maraetotara Road, and this will take you to Maraetotara Falls in just a few minutes. After the falls and you head back towards Havelock North, make sure to stop at Red Bridge Coffee, a small shipping container coffee shop in a field, and hang with the locals.

Cape Kidnappers