Missing Those We Love


SummaryMissing people in your life? Ask yourself why, and then go see them or give them a call.

Perspective is a strange thing. It rips us out of our frame of thought, showing us our lives from a different point of view, forcing an evolution of ourselves for which we may not have asked. One such perspective I’ve encountered numerous times and resisted is the fact that those whom I care about will not always be around; they won’t always be back home; they won’t always be alive; they won’t always wait for me to return. This naturally leads to questions like where am I now, and what am I really doing here? Why? Is it worth all the lost time with those you care about? You hope so. You hope to live without regret and to have lived life to the fullest. But then perspective grabs hold, and while the whiplash is still fresh, turns you on your head.

It is never too late until it is. Right this very instant, no matter what your logical brain thinks, you can go home, bake a cake with grandma, ride bikes with your aunt, watch the sun set with a sibling and/or make dinner with old friends who are now married and settling down.

Make sure you ask yourself, if you are away, why you are doing what you are doing. If there is no good answer, act on it before the feeling passes. If there is a good answer, then stop what you’re doing and give someone you miss a call.