Robert Pearce

My mission is to help developers be as productive as possible in their work and their learning. Helping people be the best developers they can be is what drives me to make, share, and teach. If you'd like to support me, check out my GitHub sponsorship page.

I'm from Charleston, SC, USA, and I work on, write about, and mentor folx on topics like JavaScript, React, NodeJS, TypeScript, maintaining open source software, functional programming, web accessibility, Nix, Haskell, Hakyll, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Bash, dotfiles, and more.

Learning: Elixir/Phoenix, Go, and Rust.

Personal Info

NameRobert Pearce
OccupationSoftware Engineer, Web
PreviouslyThe Iron Yard, Articulate, RidePost, CareKinesis
EducationBA English, University of South Carolina, 2010


Email[email protected]
LinkedIn robertwpearce


2024-01-30Content hashing static assets to break caches with md5sum and bash
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2019-01-23Hakyll Pt. 3 – Generating RSS and Atom XML Feeds
2018-11-17Hakyll Pt. 2 – Generating a Sitemap XML File
2018-11-04Hakyll Pt. 1 – Setup & Initial Customization
2018-02-08Ramda Chops: Map, Filter & Reduce
2018-01-31Ramda Chops: Safely Accessing Properties
2018-01-26Ramda Chops: Function Composition
2018-01-23Ramda Chops: Function Currying
2017-12-16Elm, Geocoding & DarkSky: Pt. 4 – Extracting our Elm Code
2017-08-18Elm, Geocoding & DarkSky: Pt. 3 – Fetching the Current Weather
2017-07-30Elm, Geocoding & DarkSky: Pt. 2 – Geocoding an Address
2017-07-22Elm, Geocoding & DarkSky: Pt. 1 – Setup Elm & Proxy Servers
2017-06-22Node.js Geocoding Proxy with Paperplane
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2013-08-28Your product doesn’t judge you; people do.