Moving To London


SummaryIf you can go on an adventure, then what are you waiting for?
Revised2023-02-04 @ 13:00 UTC

2 months ago I decided I wanted to go to London for an indefinite amount of time.

Willow tree near water in London

There were no external driving factors behind this decision; no significant other, no new job, no criminal charges, no desire to leave my home in Charleston, SC.

I love my family, friends, beaches, the spartina grass (marshes), the plough mud, and the odd—yet wonderful—assortment of personalities that exist in Charleston.

"If everything is so wonderful, why leave?"

Because I can. Because of this list of things I don’t have:

Here is another way to view this list:

I understand that ¾ of the items on that list are desired by many folks, and that what I have just described could also be classified as "responsibility-free." Or, as I have understood before, that the life of the traveler is rootless and thereby does not bear the burden of creating something lasting. I find this statement accurate; however, I also find that safety makes me complacent and breeds stagnation and settling: the opposite of my battle and striving for excellence, or the Greek areté. Thus, in order to better myself, I decided to shake things up a bit!

Additionally, and worthy of note, every single person I spoke with about traveling this way said this:

"If I were you, I’d be gone in a second."

I will miss my grandparents, parents, siblings, my dogs, aunts, uncles, cousins, surfing, and everything that makes Charleston great.

But I shall return!

My Time Thus far

After serenading the Delta counter attendants in the Charleston airport with my guitar and song, I had a sleepless and safe flight to London!

When I finished riding a number of trains and other ground transportation, I arrived in Clapham at Sam’s house, where I was greeted with smiles, cheers, and Heineken.

Soon thereafter, I decided to get to know my new area better. My solution? Go on a run and get lost. Here is my fitbit from that day:

My first day in London fitbit data

You could say I got lost. I like to think I was "exploring." Nevertheless, I had a fantastic time and look forward to many more.