Switching Jobs


SummaryAnnouncement of switching jobs from Articulate to The Iron Yard.

Self-discipline can take you places you’ve never dreamed you would go.

I have recently switched from one dream job to another one. For the past 1.5 years, Articulate has allowed me to roam from Washington, DC to Charlotte to Charleston to Atlanta to Greenville to Miami to Utah to London to Edinburgh to Berlin to northwest Spain to Denver and beyond. Without such an opportunity, I would never have met many of the people nor had the experiences that mean so much to me and helped me grow as a human being. Hopefully I helped a few folks along the way, as well.

Now, however, I am shifting gears. The Iron Yard will be my new home and might well take me to whole new levels of understanding, inter-personal relationships and travel. I will be teaching software in an accelerated course to highly motivated people who, of their own volition, are willing to spend >40 hours per week in my presence (the horror!). The first course will be in Charleston, SC, and other courses will be taught in an undisclosed location overseas (I don’t think it’s been officially announced).

"But Robert! How does this help you travel?"

I’m glad you asked! Each “cohort” (class) is 12 weeks, and apart from the travel associated with being in different teaching locations, the work schedule goes like this: 3 months on, 1 month off.

I know—badass; time for travel, personal development and freelancing.

But what allowed me to get to this point, apart from dumb luck? Self-discipline. If you have the self-discipline to find your way through the boredom of working your back-side off day and night to not only learn new things but explore, meet new people and foster relationships with human beings of every race, gender and creed, you can do anything.

The Iron Yard - Charleston is still taking applications for the class starting June 15, 2015. Apply here and learn you some code.