Use Bcc


SummaryReminder to not send mass emails.
Revised2023-02-04 @ 18:00 UTC

I have a new feature request for email applications: if there are a multitutde of addresses in the “To:” field, recommend the author use Bcc (and give a checkbox with the option to never ask this question again).

Let us begin with this sage tweet from Marty Bauer:

Sending a mass email and not bcc-ing everyone is like a kicker missing an extra point. You had one job.

What is Bcc?

For those of you who’ve never thought twice about this email field, it stands for blind carbon copy. The addresses in this field will not be shared with the other recipients of the email.

Mass Emails are Obnoxious

Nobody wants to read the 90 responses and side conversations from the folks that love to always “Reply All.”

Mass Emails Hinder Recipient Privacy

Dear Startup Founder/Venture Fund Manager/Chamber of Commerce affiliate,

When you send out a mass email to a group of investors, you are forfeiting each one of these people’s emails (and a bit of their privacy) to the other recipients, as well as anyone to whom this email is forwarded. Don’t do this.


Responsible Users of the Internet

It’s Okay; We’ve All Done It

We’ve all made this mistake and (hopefully) learned from it. Don’t fret your hideous tendancies of emails past. Go forth from this day and send your 50 person email—using Bcc—with the confidence that you are not being a jerk.